US Government Specified Flag


Features include: Exclusive high-tenacity, industrial strength – 70 denier nylon. Lock-stitched seams and color matched thread. Heavy canvas duck heading and #2 brass grommets. Official government size (1:1.9) hoist to fly ratio. The cotton version of this flag is manufactured to the same U.S. Government specifications but is made with 2-ply, mercerized cotton bunting.

Like all of the US flags we sell the, nylon flags, polyester flags, and cotton flags the Government Specified US Flag is made in the USA. This US flag is offered in nylon or cotton, both of which hold intense, patriotic colors. Lock-stitched seams match the material for a quality appearance. We offer each flag finished with either a strong, white header and brass grommets or a roped heading with metal thimbles on the larger flags.

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Cotton – Header/Grommets

US Gov. Specified

Cotton with No Grommets